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  wpeD.jpg (13272 bytes)  Item #: TH388  

Description: 12" high glitter rose/berry arrangement in a metal stand

Color: cream, burgundy, blue, mauve,  (mauve is out of stock)

Price: $16.25/each


   wpeD.jpg (8873 bytes)  Item #: TH381TOPRY

Matches above arrangement

Description: Description: 24" tall magnolia mixed arrangement in a paper tray, cotton magnolia mixed centerpiece for wedding. 5 magnolia flowers, 9 clusters of hydrangea, 8 cluster of berry, 8 lilies and magnolia flower leaves with brown back (click the picture to see other colors)

Color: mauve, burgundy, cream, mauve/cream/blue

Price: $17.75

  Item #: FB2269  (OUT OF STOCK)*

Description: 8.5" tall small rose arrangement

Color: mauve, peach, white, cream, yellow, purple

Price: $24.00/dozen

   wpe3.jpg (7382 bytes)Item # : TH385

Description: 30" tall rose/tiger lily/mini tulip and other fillers mixed flower bouquet

Color:  blue, burgundy (seafoam, burgandy are out of stock)

Price: $12.00/each

 (Vase not Included)


    wpe9.jpg (16863 bytes) Item #: TH387 

Description: 22.5" tall silver-trimmed silk magnolia bouquet on a metal stand (the stand is 15" high)

Color:  burgundy, blue 

Price: $16.25/each (cream is out of stock)

     Item #: BA23341 (out of stock)*

Description: 30" tall  34" wide rose/rose bud/gladiolus arrangement in a  and 6" tall vase with 7 open roses, 3 small roses, 3 gladiolus flower sprays, leaves and leather fern.

Color: cream, pink/mauve, purple/lavender, red

Price: $24.50/each




wpe11.jpg (42621 bytes)  Item #: FW1368    ( blue, burgundy, hunter green, burgundy, mauve. out of stock)

Description: 36" long and 34" wide magnolia arrangement wall hanger

Color: cream, purple 

Price: $18.25/each


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