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Item #  FB145

Description: 5.5" long and 5.5" wide single dove

Price:  $18.50/dozen (SOLD BY DOZEN ONLY)

Item Name: doves
Item Number: FB145
Price: $18.50


wpe1ED.jpg (23372 bytes) (burgundy is out of stock)

Item #: MST8041000

Description:  500 pieces of rose petal, ( 400 pieces of silk; 100 pieces of sheer in a bag ) each petal is 2.25" long and 2" wide

Color: pink, red, lavender, white, blue, burgundy, yellow, coffee. (cream and red are out of stock)

Price: $10.00/bag

Item Name: rose petals
Item Number: MST8041000
Price: $10.00    


   Item #: MST804

Description: 100 pieces of rose petal (90 pieces of silk; 10 pieces of sheer) in a box, each petal is 2.25" long and 2" wide

Color: burgundy, blue, cream, lavender, mauve, pink, purple, red, white, yellow, coffee

Price: $5.00/box




Item #: GF143

Description: 4--4.5" diameter rose ball for wedding cake top, all wedding decoration

Color: cream, blue, pink, white, mauve, burgundy, lavender, purple, yellow, red, gold, silver

Price: $3.50/each



Item #: SFV245

Description: crystal heart with ribbon

Price: 1Box  $12.50

Package: 1 dozen in each Box







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