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  new BE258 colors thmb.jpg (68752 bytes)

 Our prettiest rose! 

Description: 16" M. P. open rose bush x 12

Color: cream, white, red, aqua/blue, chocolate, fuchsia

Item Name: 16" M. P. open rose
Item Number: BE258
Price: $7.50

wpe2F.jpg (32918 bytes)


Description: 18" open rose bush with 14 flowers and small gyps fillers.

Color: purple, blue, beauty, orange, red, cream/green, pink, red/orange, yellow, cream, light blue

Item Name: 18" open rose bush
Item Number: 3879
OUT OF STOCK Price: $6.00

BF410A.jpg (63560 bytes)

Description: 2' long single stem open rose x 1. The rose measures about 3" wide.

Color: mauve, flame, blue, cream, red, burgundy, sea foam, peach, and yellow  (burgundy/purple, cerise, peach/pink, cream/pink and beauty are out of stock )

Price: $14.75 a doz

Item Name: 2' long single stem open rose
Item Number: BF/410A
Price: $14.75 a doz.

wpe1B.jpg (20640 bytes) silk81653

Satin Open Rose Picks. stem length 5" x 3" Rose  these are perfect for making bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres  

See color chart Below for colors

all colors not in stock email for stock info

Sold by Dozen Only 

Item Name: Satin open rose pick
Item Number: 81651
Price: $15.00doz

wpe32.jpg (33691 bytes) silk3716

Satin Long Stem Open Roses Stem length 18" Rose width: 3" Popular for wedding bouquets

See color chart Below for colors

all colors not in stock email for stock info

Sold by Box Only

Item Name: Satin Long Stem Open Roses
Item Number: 37161
Price: $20.00/Box 2doz per box


wpe34.jpg (8448 bytes)silk 9001

Satin Rose x 8 Great for creating cascading wedding bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres. Small open roses and rose buds

See color chart Below for colors

 all colors not in stock email for stock info

Item Name: Satin Rose x 8
Item Number: 7303
Price: $15.00 doz




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